I usually am a big protester of frozen yogurt since I work in an Ice Cream shop.. but this was vegan and made with coconut milk! So delicious! 


SUNY Geneseo

Today, my dad picked me up around 7 am and we began our 5 hour car ride to SUNY Geneseo. I slept for most of the way as my dad listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  on tape. For a part of the way there, I was convinced our 5 hour drive would go to waste because it was raining hard enough to cancel the tour.  

But luckily it cleared up and we arrived to the campus 30 minutes before the tour started. 

Once we arrived I fell in love with the view.  

It was a very beautiful campus with very sweet staff and an informative and helpful tour guide. All college tours seem the same to me, so one very important thing I look out for is the vibe of a campus and the people who either attend the school, or attend the tours. My tour group was very quiet and not responsive to the tour guide’s jokes, but the other people walking around campus gave me reassurance that SUNY Geneseo is definitely a school I will be applying to. 

Cold Spring

Today I went on a trip to Cold Spring with two of my best friends. The only way I can describe it is nice. It wasn’t extraordinarily fun, it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t interesting or necessarily enjoyable…it was just nice. Living in and growing up in a small town makes it hard to find things interesting. You constantly feel like you’ve done it all and when you try to go out and do something new it feels like you’re doing the exact same thing because you’re constantly surrounded by the exact same people. Of course there are people that I don’t feel this way around. I have friends where it’s a new, amazing, and enjoyable, fun time every time we spend time together, but recently I have found that it’s hard to have those moments with people who are considered to be my best friends. I love them very much…I just have to find something fun and new to do in this terribly small town.