My Potluck Dinner!

So it turns out that the 3 ingredient Vegan cookies I tried to make didn’t work out and I came to the potluck empty handed. It was okay though because there was enough delicious homemade food and dessert for everyone! There are about 15 employees in total including my boss and manager, but they are more like our Mom and Aunt. Everyone included tonight is so sweet and amazing it’s like spending time with family. We had a scavenger hunt around my boss’ neighborhood where we had to find a certain number of things at neighbor’s houses. The first house we went to ( a friend of one of our team members)  was so helpful and didn’t ask any questions about our frantic attitudes or our need for items such as a sewing needle or a purple colored pencil. Overall my team won and it was such a great bonding experience listening to music, laughing, discussing the high and low points of our days, and enjoying homemade meals brought by each person. A big thank you to everyone at The Blue Pig Ice Cream Shop for being an amazing family. 💙💙🐷 



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